Biometric Registration

A new system of voter registration

The process will result in a new voters list to replacing the existing list for the coming National Parliamentary Election.

 The Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system is currently being implemented by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission.

The BVR system prevents multiple registration by collecting digital photographs and thumb prints of everyone on the Electoral Roll.

Under the new system, all registered voters are issued a photo ID card. The process will result in the production of a new voters’ register to replace the existing one.

Why Biometric Voter Registration?

The old method of registering voters did not have an inbuilt mechanism for detecting multiple registrations and it was difficult to clean the register. The biometric technology will detect multiple registrations and make it easier to remove them from the system. With this a more accurate and credible register is being produced for the upcoming election.

Implications of Replacement of existing Voter registration

The upcoming registration exercise will result in the compilation of an entirely new voters’ list that will replace the existing voter register. Every eligible voter who wishes to vote in 2014 National General Election must be registered anew.

For more information on the BVR system, read SIEC's FAQ brochure