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Voter Registration Opens

The month long nation-wide registration to prepare for the national general election next year commences today. In Honiara preparation for the registration has been finalised over the weekend. Similar exercises are being carried out in the provinces throughout this month. To check the current public version of registered voters, click here Check the Voter Registration Movement Plans for your province

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) is responsible for maintaining and updating a register of all eligible voters who can participate in any Solomon Islands National General Election (NGE). The Commission maintains the register, sometimes referred to as the electoral roll, through its Office (Secretariat).

SIEC has measures in place that ensures each voter’s information remain private and secure when they are collected by the SIEC’s election officials and entered into the electoral roll.

After registering to vote, each voter will be given an ID card by which they can be uniquely identified by the SIEC. This measure also ensures that no other person can use an already registered voter’s information to register at a different location.

How to Register

During the voter registration period, the SIEC will open Registration Centres for intending voters to register their names. The SIEC can be contacted for details on where these Registration Centres will be located.

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