The Chairman of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission Hon. Patterson Oti, Members of the Commission, The Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner Mrs. Jane Waetara and the Staff of the Electoral Office.


  • The Governor General of Solomon Islands His Excellency Sir David Vunagi and Lady Vunagi,
  • The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Manasseh Sogavare and Madam Sogavare,
  • The Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer and Lady Palmer,
  • Ministers of the Crown and your good families,
  • Members of Parliament and your good families,
  • Office of the Leader of Opposition,
  • Leader of the Independent Group of Parliament, 
  • Constitutional Posts Holders,
  • Provincial Premiers and Your Executive Governments
  • Members of Provincial Assemblies
  • Members of Diplomatic Corps
  • The Civil Society Organizations and Faith Based Organizations
  • Chiefs and Community Leaders, our Men, Women, Children and Youths
  • Voters and Fellow citizens of Solomon Islands.


On behalf of Islands Solomon Electoral Commission, we would like to wish everyone, a meaningful and life changing Easter celebrations as we commemorate the death and the resurrection of our Creator and Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

May the joy and the newness of life through the death and resurrection of our Risen Lord fill our hearts, our families and our homes as we continue to walk the footsteps of Christ on this earthly journey to the next life.

The Electoral Commission as an Independent body mandated by the Constitution, will continue to vigilantly guard the gate to a democratic elected government by delivering free and fair election for representatives at different levels of government in our country.

We are proud of our roles and responsibilities and will ensure to continue deliver an impartial, inclusive and accessible voter registration and election services whenever is required within the Solomon Islands 4-year electoral cycle.

 Happy And Blessed Easter Celebration Everyone and may God Bless Solomon Islands!