The provisional voter list is still on display in all the polling stations in Western and Choiseul provinces.

Omission and Objection period is also open until 1st of October, 2022.

Registrants from Choiseul and Western Provinces who have just registered or updated their voter registration details in the August voter registration update are encouraged to must check the provisional voter list to make sure that their registration details are correct.

Make sure your name appears or is not wrongly placed in another village.

If you checked but your name is missing from the voter list for your community or village or your name appears on the list for another village, make sure you submit an omission notice form to notify commission of this error so that it can be corrected.

If you checked but see someone's name on the provisional voter list, maybe a person who is from another province, someone who has died or is not a citizen or under the age of 18, do submit an objection notice form to inform commission of such an inaccuracy or ineligibility so that commission can have their name deleted from the list.

You have until 1st of October, 2022 to submit your omission and objection notice to inform commission through our respective registration officers on such errors.

The Revising Officers and Assistant Revising Officers will be trained in the next couple of days at Gizo in western province.

The voter registration process happens in phases which are locked by legal timeframes.

Below are the registration phases and timeframes we need to be aware of;


Phases of Registration


Number of days



Phase 1: Initial Registration

2nd - 21st August, 2022

20 days



Phase 2: Compilation of the provisional voter list

25th August - 13th September

20 days



Phase 3: Publication of the Provisional List

17th - 21st September, 2022d

5 days



Phase 4: Omission and Objection

22nd September - 1st October, 2022

10 days



Phase 5: Publication of the list of Omission and Objection claims

5th -12th October, 2022


7 days



Phase 6: Public Inquiry

12th - 21st October, 2022


9 days



Phase 7: Settlement of the final voter list

22nd - 30th October, 2022.

8 days


Registered voters in Western and Choiseul Provinces who are interested in the current voter registration update that is currently going head in these two provinces, do check and pay close attention to these key dates and timeframes to be able to know how to act and when to act to help electoral commission compile an accurate voter list for your upcoming provincial general assembly election in December, 2022.

If you want to know more on any election related matter or check up for new updates on Election happenings, follow SIEO Facebook @SIelectoralcommission page and website on Or for general enquiry, you can call the office hotline phone on 7222200 or landline 21198.