The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission ("SIEC") is the only body that is established through the provisions of the Constitution of Solomon Islands to manage the electoral process.

The SIEC is mandated to:

  • Prepare for elections;
  • Supervise, direct and control the registration of voters;
  • Compile voters roll and registers;
  • Maintain the voters roll and ensure its safe keeping;
  • Conduct voter education;
  • Site polling stations in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • Design, print and distribute ballot papers;
  • Monitor the media during election period;
  • Engage electoral personnel;
  • Conduct the nomination of candidates;
  • Accredit observers;
  • Conduct and supervise elections;
  • Verify, count and collate result of an election; and
  • Announce results of an election.


To strengthen democracy in the Solomon Islands through the delivery of free and fair elections in which every voter is able to record his or her informed vote.


To provide Solomon Islands citizens with high quality, accessible, professional electoral services through the conduct of impartial and independent elections.

The Core Values of SIEC

Independence: SIEC will carryout its mandate without any interference as provided for in the Constitution of Solomon Islands and the Electoral Act.

Ethics:  honesty, integrity and impartiality. 

Responsibility and Accountability: taking responsibility for actions and decisions and providing open access to the electoral Process.

Professional: high quality leadership and decision making, promoting the image and credibility of the Electoral Commission. 

Communication: information is clear and timely.

Sensitivity: maintain an awareness of diversity in experience and ability and showing respect for others in terms of race, culture, language, religion, disability and gender.

Teamwork: inspiring each other through encouragement and fostering the achievement of common goals. 

Best Practice: improving continuously and being an efficient and effective as possible.

Commitment: SIEC recognises the importance of its mandate and will dedicate itself wholeheartedly to its attainment.